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The Relevance Of The Focal Groups

All good Executive, knows which represents groups Focal (Focus Group), the interview of groups, in pro to use collect information, to engage the members of the company with their opinions, experiences that allow not only determine the weaknesses, strengths, but give way to suggestions, proposals that can be taken into account in order to make way for plans, strategies that favor the definition of objectives. The truth, as losrecursoshumanos.com, Group therapists reminds us discovered years ago that some people could listen to speak more freely in a group and could benefit from listening to others. This procedure, adopted to marketing problems, agree the basis for the development of the techniques of group interviews. That is a group interview? There is no precise definition of a group interview, as the term describes a general procedure, not a technique specific. However, in general, an interview in group comprises of six to ten people recruited in such a way that they comply predefined characteristics (age, use of certain products, interest in the idea of a new product, and so on) the interview is usually performed in a quiet and informal, atmosphere of style Conference room or living room, which stimulate the conversation. The meeting usually lasts between an hour and two.

Group interviews are led by moderate experienced working according to a scheme of discussion topics. The sessions are usually arranged so that representatives of the client organization, to observe the meeting, through mirrors of a single view or by closed circuit television. The interview is usually recorded on audio or video tape. While in group interviews can be on virtually any topic, a proportion large them are concentrated in two areas: advertising and new products requires proper use of group interviews well understand the differences between group interviews and quantitative research on a large scale. The differences can be summarized in this table He is added, that many of the concepts and techniques used in group interviews had their bases in clinical psychology.

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