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Villa Grimaldi Documentary

The documentary genre is at the same time in one of its best creative moments, and facing the risk of mass production. Ten years ago the chain MTV revolutionized the genre when he mixed it with the Reality, thanks to its the Real world series and since then the documentary has taken two paths: has become more stark and sincere; or it has become more commercial and rarefaction. Quique Cruz, Director of Archeology of memory: Villa Grimaldi, is no stranger to this crossroads. Although his documentary seems to want more parent with tradition, it is inevitable to compare it with modern realities such as those conducted by the IL Michael Moore. In particular by that while the intention of the filmmaker was simply help that will film a documentary about his book of memoirs, to the very end the cross ends not only participating in history, if not protagonizandola. And the result is bleak. Certain episodes of the documentary are heartbreaking: as the mother died during filming, or as the piece of music that the protagonist improvises on the commemorative plaque at Villa Grimaldi.

Or as the apotheosis climax where we finally see the archaeology of memory concert, presented no less than by Michelle Bachelet, current President of Chile and survivor of Villa Grimaldi. What is archeology of memory: Villa Grimaldi? It’s a documentary with hints of reality in the style of Michael Moore, which explores the horrors that were committed as a consequence to the coup that gave Augusto Pinochet in Santiago of Chile in 1973. However this exploration is done through the art of musician Quique Cruz, at the same time Director of the tape. Cruz was one of the inmates of the concentration camp Villa Grimaldi, who only achievement survive the closure due to a bureaucratic error that left him in freedom. Hundreds of fellow of closure not ran his fate and the documentary is a terrifying journey through the memories of your stay in the villa. In particular, the presence in the documentary by a friend of the filmmaker, the painter Guillermo Nunez, also the concentration camp survivor, gives you a weight exceeding the documentary. The visual aspect, of inherently low-budget, raises with Nunez paints, while the narration of the painter brings a darkness that is difficult to convey, to cross by large emotions wrapped.

Produced on PBS, archaeology of memory: Villa Grimaldi, is a powerful journey through dreams and tragedies of a generation marked by the Pinochet dictatorship, but at the same time has reached his artistic maturity. A document to pain and to art, that recalls the films of Michael Moore in the compromise, but that at the same time has elements of a horror as told by its own protagonists. If you want to know how to get loans, visit financing companies and mortgage calculation.

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