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With video marketing achieve the right audience – in of yQom yQom’s YouTube channel YouTube channel in April about 13,000 spectators. Every day approximately 480 videos on the YouTube channel provided, and rising. It presents yQom the movies of its customers not only on YouTube, but depending on the demand on up to 13 other video and business portals on the Internet. This once enormous increases the range of films. The comprehensive video presence on the Internet has the positive effect of a better search engine positioning on major search engines. The target group of B2B customers served excellent on the yQom YouTube channel. Especially the age group of 25-55 years of age regularly visits the channel to find out about the latest developments in the various sectors, and to get an overview of the activities of competitors. The age of the target group guarantees customers of yQom the desired attention to their potential customers.

The YouTube channel aims its B2B orientation conscious visitor this age. In addition to the high number of viewers in the desired target group, a corporate video on the YouTube channel of yQom offers the benefits of search engine optimization. The cost of a marketing video on the Internet are manageable and ensure a high ROI of the marketing investment. Combined with a broadcast on television networks with relevant audience a video is a very powerful medium to present the company or a new product of the desired public. Contact: yQom GmbH Mr. Sven Breitschaft Wang Edward str. 7 64295 Darmstadt

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