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And of course the team, that if my leaders not support me, my sponsored do nothing, and so on. I think this is because the price and the fixed costs of our MLM business are small, or because our dreams (which we talked about in my previous article) is not clear. How to earn extra money, if only we are focusing on the negative, please, if you decide to enter an MLM business, we are professionals and we can promise him one hundred percent. 1. Set a daily time for your business. An average of two to three hours a day should be sufficient to achieve your goals in the medium term. 2. Eat your company’s products multilevel 100%.

If you do not consume the products of our company, do not know how are these, and we can not accurately speak of them 3. Attend business presentations that makes your group. Attend the presentations will give you enough information, to speak with accuracy of your business. 4. Participate in training for your group. You have to train you to develop your team, if you’ve never been a businessman, you must train you to develop the marketing network in May. Invite candidates to your list business presentations.

To create the consumer network, you need to recruit new members for your group. 6. Read books on motivation and self-help. Great writers have written such a book, you must first be, to do. 7. Show your team. The best way for your group to learn, is that you do it first, and so they learn by copying what you do. The commitment is the only way to get results. This comes through a process: a) action b) knowledge c) Your training d) and association with people who are already committed. If other people are having results at this time to the business you have chosen, in the same country, the resolution and the answers are within us, not look outside. The business works, if we make it work, and for that, I invite you to commit yourself and see the results.

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