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The same authors allege that the JIT makes possible that the production of good or services of the company is made of efficient form in cost terms, therefore supplying the amount correct, at the correct moment and places, the company will use the minimum of installations, equipment, materials and human resources. However the effectiveness is reached by means of the total envolvement of the employees and work in team. The JIT works of form that the guarantee of the quality, that is, of that defects will not occur during the production, is directly on in the elimination of supplies adds, therefore if the previous process to generate defective parts the following process must stop the production line, and the defective part is taken in return to the previous process. In the conventional systems of production, it has the generation of supplies exactly to prevent the discontinuity of the production, hindering that the following process is motionless waiting the solution of the problem. With a reduction of the supplies through lesser lots each time of production, these problems are much more apparent. In such a way the JIT contributes for the identification of these problems, becoming the solutions much more agile and of easy elimination.

According to Corra (1993), the elements most important of the JIT are lots of supply the reduced, frequent and trustworthy acts of receiving, lead lesser teamses each time and high levels of quality. Ahead of the displayed one, the JIT contributes so that the company has improvements as cost reduction, improvement in the quality, reduction of lead teamses, greater visibility of the problems and solution of the same ones, thus generating a competitive advantage. On the other hand, nor all the companies can adhere to a JIT, therefore its main limitations are on the proper flexibility of the productive system, in relation to the variety of products and demand, that is, the necessary JIT of a steady demand, what nor always it is possible, therefore the more unstable the market more necessity of supplies, what it goes against the philosophy of the JIT.

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