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Moresi, (2006) in turn, studies the sharing of the ostensive knowledge with the job of technology and social interaction, for intermediary of the development of systems of information, electronic Intranets and bulletins and for the promotion and incentive to the teams. 4.4Utilizao of Knowledge the use of the knowledge, component room of the KCP, can occur in all the levels of managemental activity: one of the common forms of use of the best knowledge is the adoption of the practical ones of other organizations of prominence, to disclose the knowledge excellent and to apply it (? DELL and GRAYSON, 1998; FIGUEIREDO, 2005). It fulfills to detach that in relation to best the practical ones, Bethlem (2004) it considers that these do not exist, but exactly that they existed, the necessary time to its study and would become them to response useless in an environment in constant change. More information is housed here: Kohl’s. Not obstante, two pertinent aspects to the use of the knowledge if show excellent according to some authors, the degree and the culture of use of the knowledge in the organizations. Moresi, (2006) turns it the degree of use, Express for the stimulaton to the work in team, for intermediary of the use of information and knowledge widely spread in all the company. The facilitation of the accomplishment of the tasks is potencializada with the extensive exchange of data for saw electronics – EDI – and with the use of tools as diagrams of flow of work, demanded and used in the execution of tasks. 4.5Internalizao of Knowledge fifth construto of the KCP is the internalizao of the knowledge, that can occur when the workers, individually, discovers the excellent knowledge gets, it they apply and it, what it can result in formation of new knowledge. The internalizao of the knowledge, according to Lee et al. (2005), it is characterized and measured for intermediary of three aspects: the capacity to internalizar the knowledge related to the tasks, chance of education and level of organizacional learning.

Human Capital

The second phase was carried through by research method survey for identification of three aspects: to understand the recognition and valuation of the human capital, to identify the actions carried through for management of the human capital and to verify the interest for models of mensurao of the aggregate value to the institution for the human capital. The estruturao contemplates an introduction section, another section with boarding of the Intellectual Capital in the perspective to add value to the rendering of services, another section is gone deep the Value of the Human Capital in the organizations, in the fourth section is dealt with the scene the IES in Brazil, in the fifth section, presents the considered metodolgicos procedures, in the sixth section the respective gotten results are boarded and finish the article with the seventh Final referring section to the Consideraes. We call the attention when the authors approach that ‘ ‘ The responsible countable model for describing the Financial demonstrations, does not follow the world of negcios’ ‘ (p.61, 2005). It is observed that the premises defined in the Law N 11,638/07 had not been considered associate to the convention of the Committee of Countable Uprisings that still more become transparent criteria of rendering of accounts, equity and alterations in the structure of the patrimonial rocking, strengthening exactly the value just of the intangible assets, being thus, contrary position to the described ones for the authors. The concept of that is strengthened ‘ ‘ each time more searchs managing professionals of the knowledge and that they develop abilities and capacities inovadoras.’ ‘ (p.61, 2005), therefore the success of the IES is in the ability of these to catch lined up employees its culture, philosophy and line of educational thought.


Between the chimpanzees, the leader of the group is not necessarily strongest, is always what better she knows to manipulate the alliances. But nobody wants a company of chimpanzees, cats, cachorros or any another animal. Therefore, he treats to give voice to its team and to be part of possible fastest it, of the opposite the leader will be predestinold to the solitude and the extinguishing. He is clearly that the intelligence is not alone that makes a leader. The true leadership requires people who take considerable risks and make things that the others are not made use to make. Leaders are as heroes, who incorporate the lasting values most basic and of a society. When they disappear, substitutes have of being created. The people need this.

But because heroes? Because, beyond intelligence, of the power, the charisma one, the leader must have a desire to assume a bigger commitment with the organization. A leader is that one that has claw to go more far, to make what the others are not made use to make. In other words he is that one that if he offers for a bigger sacrifice and a bigger responsibility. Herosmo of action films is not about one, what it counts is not the value of the heroic acts, but the courage to make and to say what gives credit to be true, what convenient, familiar or more than popular. The courage must be had to act on the vision that if has of the organization. This disposal creates the base of the leadership, because she is recognized for the others. Beyond returning in form of better remuneration, to be able of decision, participation in the strategical definitions of and better chances. In short it is to leave itself to lead for the sea, is to make not what one wants, but what it must and it needs to be made.

Agricultural Accounting

In face of this, the problematic one of this research was judged pertinent because the necessity of diversification of the production and consequence increase of the income is a reality of the region of the Missions of the RS. 1,2 Formularization of the Problem Knowing of the importance of the agricultural accounting, as well as of the information of this for the administrator and that the entrepreneurs of this branch do not have the habit to make the countable control and/or these precious information do not manage the property having for base, defined problematic it: How to program a plantation of hortalias that will serve of model of agricultural microcompany, of the countable and administrative point of view? 1.3. 1.3.1 objectives General Objective To understand the importance of the accounting of the agricultural, independent company of the transport of the same one, and its capacity of economic support. specific 1.3.1Objetivos – To understand the importance of the agricultural accounting for the producer; – To learn to make one horta the necessary cares; – To make the accounting of the agricultural company using the resources of computer science; – To stimulate the population to implant hortas in its residences; – To instigate the agricultural producers to make the accounting of its properties; – To apply the techniques of sales and commercialization of agricultural products; agricultural 1.4.1Empresa Theoretical 1.4Fundamentao the Statute of the Land (Law 4504/64, art. 4, VI) defines Agricultural Company as ' ' the natural person enterprise or legal, public or private, whom it explores economically and rationally immovable agricultural, inside of income conditions econmico' '. Through this definition one notices that physical or legal, public or private the companies agricultural, consist through some basic elements, such as land, work, capital and knowledge technician, who allows economic exploration, having always in sight bigger yield. For Crepaldi (1998, P. 23), ' ' Agricultural company is the unit of production where activities are exerted that say respect the agricultural cultures, forest creation of cattle or cultures, with the purpose of attainment of renda' '. .


Exactly shown in sequence, in the practical a order of the tasks it can vary, occurring simultaneously or in sequence different. The company having determined in which segments to penetrate, it must decide that position desires to occupy in these segments. Positioning of market means to obtain that a product occupies a place clearly, distinct and desirable in relation to the competing products in the mind of the consumer-targets. The company can differentiate its product for the style or design, for the services that follow the product, or to create a mark or image of the company that it differentiates its offers. In accordance with Slater (2002) the society contemporary is materialistic, hedonista narcisista, with superiority of ' ' ter' ' in relation to ' ' ser' '.

The culture of the consumption molds the actions of the consumers and the marks present so excellent identity to the life of the individuals that they start to be part of them (of the marks). In such a way, into many cases the relation of the man with (s) the mark (s) is changedded into rites (Douglas and Isherwood, 1979) that they are repletos of symbolic meanings. The segmentation of market of the Bombril mark is growing each time more and satisfying all its customers. The cleanness market grew more than the average of all the basket of consumption auditada for the Nielsen. The woollen steel market is led unquestionably by the Bombril mark, that is synonymous of the high category and of marketing with more than 60% of the market. The market of liquid detergents presented a relative stability of participation of market, and recently it has followed the trend of segmentation and sophistication, with the launching of new more intent and softer products in the contact with the hands. The market of amaciantes also presents a great addition of participation, which had mainly to the launching of new packings.

Companies Management

To be pioneering in technology, developing half efficient to reach the customer and to process operations in safe and uninterrupted way, constantly investing in innovations and development of new products and services. To undertake action of sustainable character, emphasizing the ethical behavior, well-being of its collaborators, the social development and the respect to the environment. To develop action continuously, in order to enable its collaborators, understanding that the personal and professional growth, more the organizacional effectiveness, directly reflects in the product quality and service, providing, also, an environment favorable to the work in team. 3,4 EXCELLENCY AND INNOVATION FOR the SUSTAINABLE GROWTH 1 Al Bradesco? Management of Claims, Suggestions and Compliments. 2 Acquisition of Products and Services for the Bradesco Organization. 3 BM& F? Intermediao de Operaes in the Futures markets. 4 Bradesco Internet Banking for Deficient Appearances. 5 Bradesco Net Express.

6 Manual Exchange: Purchase and Sales of Traveller Check and/or Espcie. 7 Controladoria de Fundos of Investment and Managed Wallets? Bradesco administration (CFC). 8 Managed Controladoria de Fundos de Investimento and Carteiras? Terceiros administration (CAT). 9 Control of the Credit Rights? FIDC (FDC). 10 Control and On Validation of the Countable Processing of the Archives Generated for the Routines of the Bradesco Bank and Companies. 11 Safekeeping of Action for Ballast of DR? s (DR). 12 Qualified Safekeeping of Headings and Valores Mobilirios (CTD). 13 Development and Commercial Management of the Easy Saving Bradesco (Headquarters and Units Goiania/GO, Porto Alegre /RS, Campinas/SP and Sorocaba/SP).

14 Development and Commercial Management of the CDB Bradesco (Headquarters and Units Goiania/GO, Porto Alegre /RS, Campinas/SP and Sorocaba/SP). 15 Development and Management Count Bradesco College student. 16 Development and Management of Training of the Bradesco Organization. 17 Development and Management of Coupon stub Bradesco the Check. 18 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – Bradesco Net Company. 19 Development, It has supported the Sales and Management – Digital Certificate. 20 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – Check Continuous Form. 21 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – Collection On Line – RPB – Programmed Act of receiving Bradesco. 22 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – OnLine Collection – With Automatic Debit in Current Account or Saving. 23 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – OnLine Collection – With I divide of Credit. 24 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – OnLine Collection? Contractual. 25 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – OnLine Collection? Intern. 26 Development, Has supported the Sales and Management – OnLine Collection – Personalized Papeleta (Half-Contractual). 27 Development, Has supported

Perforateed Plates Utility

For its ample variety of application, the perforateed plates gain space in the market in diverse areas, are in installations acoustics, conditional air devices, closets, turbines, thin, platforms, protections, amongst many other products gifts in diverse places, with this the companies manufacturers and perforateed plate traders, surpass any decurrent turbulence of the financial crisis. If he will have crisis in the civil construction, the destination of the commercialization of perforateed plates can be sent to the sucroalcooleiro sector, to the agriculturist, the eletroeletrnicos, the urbansticos projects or the industrial sector. For the metallurgic industries, some exits exist that they make possible the stability or the continuous increase in the commercialization of its products. Studies indicate that the movement of the Brazilian metallic plate market reaches about R$ 200 million per year. For being of low complexity in the productive process, it has much competition in this market, generating the increase of companies are of the standards of quality for the fact of low the fiscalization and desestabilidade in the market on account of the disrespect to the norms and specifications techniques of the material. This informality is present also in the companies who commercialize expanded plate, therefore in accordance with the norms techniques, a smooth plate of 6 meters, when it is expanded, it relieves 30 meters, but to earn in the price, some companies modify its expansion for 40 meters, of this form, the product will be outside of the standards of qualidadede and with low durability, beyond generating damage for the allowed companies who lose in sales and for the customer who paid for one product and receives another one. For Furoexpress, to fidelizar customers, is an obligator task, the company all values the process of sales and manufacture guaranteeing quality in its products and transparency in its businesses.


The same authors allege that the JIT makes possible that the production of good or services of the company is made of efficient form in cost terms, therefore supplying the amount correct, at the correct moment and places, the company will use the minimum of installations, equipment, materials and human resources. However the effectiveness is reached by means of the total envolvement of the employees and work in team. The JIT works of form that the guarantee of the quality, that is, of that defects will not occur during the production, is directly on in the elimination of supplies adds, therefore if the previous process to generate defective parts the following process must stop the production line, and the defective part is taken in return to the previous process. In the conventional systems of production, it has the generation of supplies exactly to prevent the discontinuity of the production, hindering that the following process is motionless waiting the solution of the problem. With a reduction of the supplies through lesser lots each time of production, these problems are much more apparent. In such a way the JIT contributes for the identification of these problems, becoming the solutions much more agile and of easy elimination.

According to Corra (1993), the elements most important of the JIT are lots of supply the reduced, frequent and trustworthy acts of receiving, lead lesser teamses each time and high levels of quality. Ahead of the displayed one, the JIT contributes so that the company has improvements as cost reduction, improvement in the quality, reduction of lead teamses, greater visibility of the problems and solution of the same ones, thus generating a competitive advantage. On the other hand, nor all the companies can adhere to a JIT, therefore its main limitations are on the proper flexibility of the productive system, in relation to the variety of products and demand, that is, the necessary JIT of a steady demand, what nor always it is possible, therefore the more unstable the market more necessity of supplies, what it goes against the philosophy of the JIT.