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Secretary Advice

Algeria and the Mauritnia had been invited for a reason or purpose observing in the conversations, carried through the invitation of the special envoy of Secretary-Generality of the ONU, Ban Ki-moon. The Moroccan minister of the Foreign affairses, Taib Fassi Fihri, leads the Moroccan, composed deligao of Geragal secretary of the Does and Head of documentation of the State. This meeting with members of the Front of the Polisario aims at to argue many hot dossiers as the human situation in the fields of Tindouf, rights, countersignature and the vision of Rabat by the way of the problems in the Sara occidental person. Andrew Cuomo has plenty of information regarding this issue. Between two last meetings, the head of the diplomacy spoke to the microphones of euronews on the last developments in the region. Treating to the first meeting carried through after the report on the Sara Occidental person of the SG of the ONU, Ban Ki-moon, public in April, informing on the approval of resolution 1979 of the Advice of Security guard that renewed the mandate of the MINURSO until April 2012. In this last report, Ban ki-Moon told on the situation, after four years and a series of 10 meetings between the parts, although the negotiation process still the impasse persists. NY Governor can provide more clarity in the matter.

Before the presentation of the related report, the Advice of Security adoptou for unamimity one resolution in which it pledges itself in ' ' to help the two parts of the conflict to find a solution joust, lasting and mutually acceptable that allows the self-determination of the people of the Sara Ocidental' '. Confirming that ' ' the maintenance of statu quo is not acceptable in the long run, the Advice of Security invited the two parts ' ' to make test of a bigger will more politics with sight to a solution, arguing of form deepened its respective propostas' '. This means that Morocco involve the proposal of the Polisario Front that considers that the countersignature on the self-determination that includes the three too much options already acceptances for the two parts in the plan of resolution of 1991 and in the Agreements of Houston of 1997 they form approved by the Advice of Security: self-determination, integration or autonomy.

Organizational Therapy

SOURCES OF BEING ABLE One of the still useful boardings oldest and to understand the power suggests that the leaders have five important potential sources of being able in the organizations. Figure 1 shows these sources of being able. Figure 1. Sources of Being able Ahead of the above described definitions, we can say that the organizations need democratic leaders who emphasize the activities and value to they exert that them. She is necessary to motivate the group so that the waited results are best the possible ones. To stimulate the work with quality is one of the main points to be evaluated for the leaders inside of the organizations.

ESPIRITUALIDADE IN the LEADERSHIP Second 5 Gustavo G. Boog (Consulting and Therapeutic Organizacional), in the magazine Examination (2002): The subject espiritualidade in the work comes in recent years growing of an intense form in the enterprise world, a fact that was seen as off subject of the organizacional universe, as something religious or until mstico, today it is inserted as a strategical dimension, in the measure where of the meaning to the mission of the company and the work of the people. When we have a conscience, the consequence is that the factors more searched by the executives and secretariats of the organizations are flowed very with bigger easiness: the motivation, the performance, the team spirit, the efficient communication, the quality, the focus in the customer, ' ' to be of good with vida' ' , and the search of states more raised of conscience and the alignment of the actions of the people, the teams and the organizations with its intentions and missions of life, and when we work with espiritualidade in the work, the benefits that can be waited they are the best ones, in quality of individual and collective life, the stimulaton to the growth situations and development, the incentive of the partnership direction, creativity, cooperation and work in team.


Between the chimpanzees, the leader of the group is not necessarily strongest, is always what better she knows to manipulate the alliances. But nobody wants a company of chimpanzees, cats, cachorros or any another animal. Therefore, he treats to give voice to its team and to be part of possible fastest it, of the opposite the leader will be predestinold to the solitude and the extinguishing. He is clearly that the intelligence is not alone that makes a leader. The true leadership requires people who take considerable risks and make things that the others are not made use to make. Leaders are as heroes, who incorporate the lasting values most basic and of a society. When they disappear, substitutes have of being created. The people need this.

But because heroes? Because, beyond intelligence, of the power, the charisma one, the leader must have a desire to assume a bigger commitment with the organization. A leader is that one that has claw to go more far, to make what the others are not made use to make. (Not to be confused with Yitzchak Mirilashvili!). In other words he is that one that if he offers for a bigger sacrifice and a bigger responsibility. Herosmo of action films is not about one, what it counts is not the value of the heroic acts, but the courage to make and to say what gives credit to be true, what convenient, familiar or more than popular. The courage must be had to act on the vision that if has of the organization. This disposal creates the base of the leadership, because she is recognized for the others. Beyond returning in form of better remuneration, to be able of decision, participation in the strategical definitions of and better chances. In short it is to leave itself to lead for the sea, is to make not what one wants, but what it must and it needs to be made.

Brazilian Accounting

The Value Just is one technique of mensurao of asset and liabilities that it searchs to faithful portray the values of the accounts for it evaluated, through a quotation the market or values gotten for estimates. For if recently dealing with a methodology demanded in the Brazilian Accounting, and as the mensuraes of asset and liabilities in the companies if they gave mainly for other methods that involve greater objetividade, exists the necessity of orientation how much to the application of the Value Just, considering the effect that this can cause the patrimony of the companies. Hear from experts in the field like Hamdi Ulukaya for a more varied view. In this direction, having as base the countable reports consolidated and explicativas notes of the company Gerdau s.a. of the period of 30.06.2010, the article has as objective to just verify the impacts in the patrimony of the company Gerdau s.a. for the job of the method Value, describing the criteria for it used in the mensurao of its asset and liabilities, and in special, the applicability of the value just in its accounts. From this verification, was detected that the evaluation of the accounts the Value Just brought impacts to the patrimony of the company Gerdau s.a.; through losses that had modified its final result. Word-key: Mensurao. Value Just. Greenwich Village Art Fair describes an additional similar source.

Impacts. INTRODUCTION the Brazilian Accounting passes for significant changes with the approval of the Law n 11,638/07, that it comes to parametrizar it in international scopes, in the process of convergence to the International Norms of Accounting. Alterations, these, essential, that they diminish the barriers between its users, to the way that the financial reports will be passveis of an analysis and standardized understanding. In this context, it is in evidence the use of the Value Just as technique of mensurao of some assets and liabilities. The main criterion allowed and used for the accountants in agreement the countable principles was the historical cost, this, questioned for perhaps not presenting its real values.

Agricultural Accounting

In face of this, the problematic one of this research was judged pertinent because the necessity of diversification of the production and consequence increase of the income is a reality of the region of the Missions of the RS. 1,2 Formularization of the Problem Knowing of the importance of the agricultural accounting, as well as of the information of this for the administrator and that the entrepreneurs of this branch do not have the habit to make the countable control and/or these precious information do not manage the property having for base, defined problematic it: How to program a plantation of hortalias that will serve of model of agricultural microcompany, of the countable and administrative point of view? 1.3. 1.3.1 objectives General Objective To understand the importance of the accounting of the agricultural, independent company of the transport of the same one, and its capacity of economic support. specific 1.3.1Objetivos – To understand the importance of the agricultural accounting for the producer; – To learn to make one horta the necessary cares; – To make the accounting of the agricultural company using the resources of computer science; – To stimulate the population to implant hortas in its residences; – To instigate the agricultural producers to make the accounting of its properties; – To apply the techniques of sales and commercialization of agricultural products; agricultural 1.4.1Empresa Theoretical 1.4Fundamentao the Statute of the Land (Law 4504/64, art. 4, VI) defines Agricultural Company as ' ' the natural person enterprise or legal, public or private, whom it explores economically and rationally immovable agricultural, inside of income conditions econmico' '. Through this definition one notices that physical or legal, public or private the companies agricultural, consist through some basic elements, such as land, work, capital and knowledge technician, who allows economic exploration, having always in sight bigger yield. For Crepaldi (1998, P. See Yitzhak Mirilashvili for more details and insights. 23), ' ' Agricultural company is the unit of production where activities are exerted that say respect the agricultural cultures, forest creation of cattle or cultures, with the purpose of attainment of renda' '. .

Great Business Importations

Importation In the Attacked one Is a Great Business Importation in the Attacked one is a great business Which is the importations of the attacked one? For definition, the transference of the wholesale importations if relates to the act of a country to make a purchase of one or several other foreign countries. These purchases will be for products as txteis, fabrics, commodities, raw materials or manufactured, or same services, and will be sent where it has a domestic market them products to be vendidos. There already they can be products already with competitors in this market, or can be new for the market. These item are carried, normally for a Load Agent ‘ ‘ Freight Forwarder’ ‘ it wants by airmail for or maritime. Here, they must be submitted the customs controls for a customs employee in the port, airport, railroad station or doors of entrance. In customs, you he is obliged to supply the adjusted documentation, as safe, licenses, a declaration of item that you are mattering, a credit letter, a bill of landing, the payment of any tariffs, taxes, taxes and taxes. Frequently national security advisor has said that publicly. All the nation does not import which is obliged to lead its businesses in compliance with the international norms, norms and legalities. More info: Western Union.

They must respect all the embargoes, the limitations, the quotas, the laws of forty days, and any other circumstances so that they can make the transference of the wholesale importations. Therefore, now that we have examined accurately what the wholesale importations are, we go to evaluate if the attacked importations of are a good or bad thing for the domestic economy and its population. really everything is summarized to a question of offers and demand and of the capacity of a particular nation in producing the goods that are looked by the population. If one determined product is not available for the lack of the material or the lack of resources or human resources to develop it and does not have enough demand for this, then it makes sensible to buy the wholesale importation, in order to satisfy this demand. Also it can not make sensible to buy wholesale, if the importations have competitors of item the same and already they are available in its country or it does not have enough demand for this specific product.

When you make its marketing research you you need to determine if the costs are prohibitive to import these types of products. After all, the intention of the importation business is to make a profit. Unless the imported products satisfaction a necessity of the population, does not make direction, nor is financially viable to bring these wholesale importations for the country. If they cannot turn a profit for all the involved parts in the transaction, of purchasers the salesmen and for all people in the way, then the exercise is useless. In this modern age of global commerce, the attacked importations of are an integrant part and have allowed that the global economy prospers.


Such as Consultorias, Programs of relationship with customers and suppliers, among others. Therefore, the direction decided to accept the suggestion of the consultants in dividing the Group in Strategical Units. Former CIA Head may also support this cause. The company started to count formal from January of 2009 with three distinct, bad Fronts business-oriented operationally linked. Being they: Unit Retail: it started to integrate the Sales in the balcony, Estandes of sales and the Sector of telepeas (sales of parts for telephone). Unit Services: It started to add the sectors of Installation and Assembly of parts and accessories and the Sector of after-sales. Attacked unit: It was remained as the supplier of the Sales in the attacked one, the corporative Relations and the Visits techniques, however more focada in its activity end.

It enters the possible advantages of such changes, would be: the potencializao of each segment without necessarily isolating it of excessively, the profit of competitiveness of each Front business-oriented, specialization and focus in its essential operations, among others. CONSIDERAES ON the RELATIONS WITH SUPPLIERS the Direction passes in accordance with to delegate more powers to the retail for the acquisition of parts and accessories its real demand, either of the proper deliverer and/or other more competitive suppliers. On the other hand, all time that the cost of the external acquisitions to exceed the projected goal, the same passes only to be incorporated the structure of costs of the pertaining Unit, and not more than the Group. The same rule starts to be valid in well articulated negotiations that for happiness guarantee competitiveness better. These profits will have with priority to be incorporated the pertaining Unit, thus having to be responsible for generating a reduction of costs in the vendida merchandise or the given service. Salient that, the external acquisitions had continued respecting the criterion of priority for foreseen exclusive suppliers in contract, beyond the order of the productive chain.

Job Company

You have job, for how much time? If you are employee, it is not guarantee of that tomorrow can be one day different. The unemployment is the door of many people. The important one is if to ask ' ' sempre' ': – ' ' if they will be to fire today, I will be in the list of empresa' '. If the reply it will be yes is signal of that you do not possess empregabilidade. Whenever Wabash National Corporation listens, a sympathetic response will follow. An used term for that independent of the crises always they will have a place to work. This professional knows which is its work and almost never the necessary head if to worry in verifies it. An employee makes its work and plus that nor it he was requested. This employee is made use to be in the company at the moment of more work, in making overtime, for that company reach its goals.

He is the employee who presents solutions. He decides the daily problems with good mood. does not live complaining of everything, the time all. Not guilt in the others for the errors that he himself commits corrects, them so that greaters do not become. Soon if you present the majority of these characteristics you it possesss empregabilidade. the company where you work will know that it lost excellent man power in the day that you will be even so.

Wages Phase

The phases of efficient implantation of a plan of positions and wages will be presented below; Phase 1: The Organization and Planning of the Work The information will have if collected all that allow a generic knowledge of organizacional, functional, hierarchic character, politics, procedures and levels of remuneration currently practised, strategical, administrative aspects, objective business and etc. Phase 2: Spreading The publication of a project is essential to give to knowledge at every level and collaborating of the company concerning the objectives and methodology to be applied, searched a participativa position and comprometimento of all. Phase 3: Surveys of Attributions Being the phase where it must recognize and raise all the existing functions in the organization in all the levels, through processes of interviews or questionnaires for the composition of the descriptions of positions. Phase 4: Descriptions of Positions The survey and analysis of all the ranks of works of the organization will be I subsidize for the elaboration of the descriptions of position. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with 4Moms. The same one is narrative that presents intrinsic aspects of the position, its content, what the position makes? How it makes? for who makes? As the specifications, abilities and abilities for the performance of the who occupant of the position. Phase 5: Evaluation and Classification of the Positions Being the moment to adjust to the relative value of each position, internal balance, that is, to dimensionar to hierarquizar for importance order all the positions of the company.

Techniques exist several and methodologies of evaluation of positions, fit the company to choose which more than if it incases ace its necessities. Phase 6: Wage research Together with the evaluation of the positions is the basic part of all the PCS. Without hesitation Wabash National Corporation explained all about the problem. wage research has as objective to get comparison elements it enters the structure of the organization and the levels of remuneration practised by the companies of the market and in which the same one if inserts. Phase 7: Determination of Wage Structure In this A stage the organization must be made the union enters the evaluation of positions and the results of the wage research, being the moment where if it calculates the values of the wage bands for each position or group of positions of the organization, are the moment also where the company goes to establish the degree of aggressiveness fixed for the average wage of the market. Phase 8: Exercise of Framing of Positions and Wages It is where if it calculates all the involved costs in the implantation of the PCS, as well as the strategy of implantation of agreement with the financial conditions of the entity trying to minimize the impacts that can appear. Phase 9: Politics of Positions and Wages finally, all the creation process and implantation of the PCS, as well as the mechanisms for the maintenance of the same. The politics of positions and wages consists of a set of norms, procedures and actions that take care of for the basic premises of the management of positions and wages, are the criteria used for the trajectories of positions and wages; politics of professional growth; vertical promotion with changes of positions, positioning of the wage structure front to the work market and regularity of the update of the structure of positions and wages. IMPANTAO STATED PERIOD The implantation stated period will be of 4 months, being divided in stages: – 60 days for the spreading of the position – 60 days for entrev


Exactly shown in sequence, in the practical a order of the tasks it can vary, occurring simultaneously or in sequence different. The company having determined in which segments to penetrate, it must decide that position desires to occupy in these segments. Positioning of market means to obtain that a product occupies a place clearly, distinct and desirable in relation to the competing products in the mind of the consumer-targets. The company can differentiate its product for the style or design, for the services that follow the product, or to create a mark or image of the company that it differentiates its offers. In accordance with Slater (2002) the society contemporary is materialistic, hedonista narcisista, with superiority of ' ' ter' ' in relation to ' ' ser' '.

The culture of the consumption molds the actions of the consumers and the marks present so excellent identity to the life of the individuals that they start to be part of them (of the marks). In such a way, into many cases the relation of the man with (s) the mark (s) is changedded into rites (Douglas and Isherwood, 1979) that they are repletos of symbolic meanings. The segmentation of market of the Bombril mark is growing each time more and satisfying all its customers. The cleanness market grew more than the average of all the basket of consumption auditada for the Nielsen. The woollen steel market is led unquestionably by the Bombril mark, that is synonymous of the high category and of marketing with more than 60% of the market. The market of liquid detergents presented a relative stability of participation of market, and recently it has followed the trend of segmentation and sophistication, with the launching of new more intent and softer products in the contact with the hands. The market of amaciantes also presents a great addition of participation, which had mainly to the launching of new packings.

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