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Exactly shown in sequence, in the practical a order of the tasks it can vary, occurring simultaneously or in sequence different. The company having determined in which segments to penetrate, it must decide that position desires to occupy in these segments. Positioning of market means to obtain that a product occupies a place clearly, distinct and desirable in relation to the competing products in the mind of the consumer-targets. The company can differentiate its product for the style or design, for the services that follow the product, or to create a mark or image of the company that it differentiates its offers. In accordance with Slater (2002) the society contemporary is materialistic, hedonista narcisista, with superiority of ' ' ter' ' in relation to ' ' ser' '.

The culture of the consumption molds the actions of the consumers and the marks present so excellent identity to the life of the individuals that they start to be part of them (of the marks). In such a way, into many cases the relation of the man with (s) the mark (s) is changedded into rites (Douglas and Isherwood, 1979) that they are repletos of symbolic meanings. The segmentation of market of the Bombril mark is growing each time more and satisfying all its customers. The cleanness market grew more than the average of all the basket of consumption auditada for the Nielsen. The woollen steel market is led unquestionably by the Bombril mark, that is synonymous of the high category and of marketing with more than 60% of the market. The market of liquid detergents presented a relative stability of participation of market, and recently it has followed the trend of segmentation and sophistication, with the launching of new more intent and softer products in the contact with the hands. The market of amaciantes also presents a great addition of participation, which had mainly to the launching of new packings.

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