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Moresi, (2006) in turn, studies the sharing of the ostensive knowledge with the job of technology and social interaction, for intermediary of the development of systems of information, electronic Intranets and bulletins and for the promotion and incentive to the teams. 4.4Utilizao of Knowledge the use of the knowledge, component room of the KCP, can occur in all the levels of managemental activity: one of the common forms of use of the best knowledge is the adoption of the practical ones of other organizations of prominence, to disclose the knowledge excellent and to apply it (? DELL and GRAYSON, 1998; FIGUEIREDO, 2005). It fulfills to detach that in relation to best the practical ones, Bethlem (2004) it considers that these do not exist, but exactly that they existed, the necessary time to its study and would become them to response useless in an environment in constant change. More information is housed here: Kohl’s. Not obstante, two pertinent aspects to the use of the knowledge if show excellent according to some authors, the degree and the culture of use of the knowledge in the organizations. Moresi, (2006) turns it the degree of use, Express for the stimulaton to the work in team, for intermediary of the use of information and knowledge widely spread in all the company. The facilitation of the accomplishment of the tasks is potencializada with the extensive exchange of data for saw electronics – EDI – and with the use of tools as diagrams of flow of work, demanded and used in the execution of tasks. 4.5Internalizao of Knowledge fifth construto of the KCP is the internalizao of the knowledge, that can occur when the workers, individually, discovers the excellent knowledge gets, it they apply and it, what it can result in formation of new knowledge. The internalizao of the knowledge, according to Lee et al. (2005), it is characterized and measured for intermediary of three aspects: the capacity to internalizar the knowledge related to the tasks, chance of education and level of organizacional learning.

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