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To create system solutions to the production and use of own’s own energy is worth especially at a high consumption. At the Intersolar Europe 2013 the Schuco presents Division new energies to in Hall B2 at booth 410 with a stand of 200 m coordinated system solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as homes. Complete packages are for renewable energy with a high proportion of domestic consumption for one – and two-family house area. To generate the hot water heat pump plus PhotovoltaikEigenenergie Schuco worthwhile especially if it can also be used. At the Intersolar Europe 2013 the Schuco presents Division new energies to in Hall B2 at booth 410 with an exhibition space of 200 m2 coordinated system solutions. These are different mounting systems, as well as the solar mobility car port system for small and medium-sized businesses.

For the one – and two-family house area has the company complete packages to the regenerative Power generation with a high proportion of self-consumption laced. The Schuco heat pumps complete package combines photovoltaic heat pump technology: 20 PV modules MPE 245 PG 04 with a high module efficiency of up to 15.2% cover a portion of the electricity needs of highly efficient air/water heat pump. This domestic consumption increased by itself produced PV electricity and reduced the need for mains electricity. Excess solar electricity in the budget cover the power requirements of other consumers and so consequently further reduce mains electricity or supplied against payment into the public power grid. The Schuco included in the package heat pump HTE 03 HP DW-7 is suitable for old and new buildings. She works extremely quietly and refers to up to 70 percent of the energy required for a 4-person household hot water heating from ambient air. More co-ordinated components have a SMA inverter and the Schuco mounting system MSE 210.

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